Living with the Boss

We are all servants of a higher being. No matter who or what you believe that is. To some, it’s God, to some, many gods, a higher energy, a person, the earth.. We all believe in something greater than ourselves, no matter how narcissistic you could be.

Ever have those points of your life where you know there has to be something more? That there has to be something else out there that makes life worth more than it is in your own little world? Ever feel anxious and you don’t know why? This is one of the reasons for anxiety in peoples lives: they’re searching. They’re figuring out their beliefs, and because they don’t know what it is that they’re trying to find, everyday can become a struggle. I encourage you, be aware. Look in your everyday life for encounters that can prove to you who you are serving. If you know your Boss, life changes from searching for something greater, to living with something worth dying for. A servant: a person who is devoted to or guided by something. Devoted: having strong love or loyalty for something or someone. If you can find out who you serve, your level of love, commitment, loyalty, devotion, and satisfaction for life will rise. Your anxiety has to drop, because you can’t be guided by something and still be stressed out about the future. A guide: a person who helps to direct another person’s behavior, life, career, etc.

As you decide your next journey and the life you hope to have, don’t forget how to live. Everyday your conscience is telling you to search for it.


*written 5`19`15

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  1. A


    June 8, 2019 at 10:25 am

  2. A journey , a devotion and [false] idols .
    A first part is hardly avoidable , if you devote youreself to step into directions life offers you , you are on your personal journey. Sad , jolly , forceful , enjoyable , wasteful or rewarding , it’s so many outcomes but balance is always so messed up and uneven it’s grows hard to follow . Even if journey is pleasant and every step rewarding. You ain’t living if you not experiencing pain . You aren’t alive if you don’t feel pain . No matter how cruel or unwelcome it sounds but pain ir real , moment of it always honest and pure and only you decide to accept it or fake it , living blindfolded journey .
    Unless you gave up . I don’t say it’s wrong , it’s avoidable – right place , right timing , right people. All this like previous conditions are off balanced in life , something we can’t affect just accept it. Life isn’t easy walk in the park but it leads all of us to only finale . Player are you ready ?
    Devotion. It doesn’t means your personal strenght . Never listen to people bragging about strongest rule , they are biggots with easy serving in life . All was balanced in they favor , time , possibilities , people.
    It’s all about your only point of view on things. Life. How you see it , how you would like it to be set but it never be and what you want from it. Be realistic , don’t drown into misleading thoughts . Mist of delusions easily succubed but only if you let it get in you , don’t look around at other people , look around youreself , under your nose . I’m nobody. I am . Small part of dust , i know it , it eats me every day , sometimes twice per day . But i’m still here . I might be alone , but that’s my story and i really don’t want anyone drag with me down to spiral of depression . To feel like me . Leave me alone . I had to said this to nobody . No one here to accept it. Be honest . To youreself. Devote youreself to self.
    [False] Idols.
    I’m not judge , and have no rights to point personal view to direction i like it or like to keep them at. Religion is a past subject to me , it means nothing towards people with strong believes , i’m not judging or critisize anybody. It’s totaly alright if you need it . Something to be hoped to , someone to believe in or blame . It’s a people nature . Don’t be an asshole who defies people for they believes , consider them weak. Leave people alone. No matter what religion is , no matter at all . As long as it doesn’t hurts anyone’s heart it’s totally fine.
    But i believe in karma. This way i feel easier to breath . My personal view isn’t so limited. But it is simple i got all i deserve , so are you.
    If this makes you better person , i’m glad for you . I truly am.


    June 8, 2019 at 10:44 am

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