Saint Nicholas

Hello from Patara, Turkey! I’m here on vacation, enjoying the beach, learning about different cultures, trying new foods, and resting in peace. My only dilemmas for today were the choices of food to eat at breakfast, and later if we should 1) swim in the Mediterranean, 2) walk through the ruins to see an ancient lighthouse, or 3) sit in the sunroom and drink a beer. Let me just say I’m having an amazing time. I’m allowing my brain to turn off and my thoughts to run free. Taking a break from life is sometimes the perfect remedy for life’s insanity. We can try so hard to take care of the soul and spirit that we forget that our body is just as important.

The city I’m staying in currently (Patara) is actually the birthplace of St Nicholas. Being able to stand where he stood and explore the ruins where he would have walked makes my imagination come to life. It’s amazing to think that the icon we know today around the world as Santa Claus was actually a real person whose good deeds eventually brought him fame. I encourage you to learn more about him if you can. An orphan child who used his wealth to help and serve people became a bishop very young and was part of the council that established the Trinity. He was imprisoned and tortured for his faith but never lost sight of his calling. St Nicholas was an incredible man who left an incredible legacy.

Blessings, Makarios

Me, with the statue of St Nick & children in Demre, Turkey

Me, with the statue of St Nick & children in Demre, Turkey

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  1. To travel across the world , meet new horizon , explore your inner parts you never where aware of .
    All this and much more is really great , healthy and simply amazing.
    I haven’t traveled anywhere much , no nothing like that and this is kinda sad and alongside pathetic. There is notrhing wrong with this i asure you .
    My life already gave me so much , various rides to be honest . Most of them i would like to erase but that would be same as discard part of me i am now. I wonder sometimes how life would be in one way or another if-if would occur differently in timeline , space , destiny? In the end it all but speculations , something i cn’t even imagine could be controled or changed. I am but one to blame , not entirely but i know my weaknesess and my sins . Good people deserve better , i often heard this in young days , lies , illiusion . Good acting people deserves better , sometimes all . If you ever was so sad , depressed so much , lonely and felt abandoned , you should’ve felt that . Surrounding every bit of oxygen , spreading containgenous , running shivers over your innocent spine. Ignorance , intentional unawareness , cold look. World based on this dark enigmatic truths.
    It works well when majority accept it. But real truth is pointing you to run , run further you can , outrun youreself , even if it is just for small amount of moment just spread your wings and aim as high possible. We can run , no one can take it from us , we might have different wings but we aware of that portion of time we can make oureself invincible. Feel differently , feel as different persons. Momentary oasis built by us in this mundane dessert . Dessert wich burns out all best of us.
    Spread your wings , let them take you far possible , meet you expectations , think about how you want to change , memorise all you liked. Feed on these memories when loneliness strike you down .
    Don’t take me seriously , don’t mind my approach and subliminal thoughts. I mere shadow , in ocean of shadows, enjoy your fullest !


    June 16, 2019 at 12:24 pm

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